Manufacturing Exercise Equipment in Canada

Everyone knows that staying fit and healthy is in the top wish list of most people. In fact, over 80% of respondents of a recent survey stated that they made at least one New Year’s resolution of getting fit, eating healthy and losing weight. Whether or not they stick to the resolution is a different story of course. However, most people put a high priority on this. The weight loss industry alone is a multi-billion dollar industry, and exercise is a portion of that. Good eating habits and a healthy lifestyle, such as not smoking or drinking, is the other part.


One of the easiest and most convenient ways for people to help themselves achieve their health and fitness goals is by buying the right exercise equipment. Treadmills and ellipticals seem to be the most popular nowadays. In Canada, the trend is especially visible in the sales of exercise equipment, which has been increasing steadily over the past 5 years. Gym memberships are great, but having great exercise equipment at home can be a huge motivating factor to get to work, without having to drive to the gym, change clothes and all the other activities associated with visiting a gym.

Equipment Manufacturing

The popularity of exercise equipment in Canada has resulted in a number of new manufacturers. These companies use the latest and most advanced techniques for building high-tech exercise machines. They also use the latest alloys, metals, and aluminum extruded products. Using aluminum instead of other metals makes the equipment light and allows the users more flexibility in dealing with it, whether that means putting it in the basement or the living room. Many of these manufacturers rely on aluminum extruders such as Signature Aluminum Canada Inc to supply them with light extruded aluminum alloys to build the equipment. That makes it easier to handle and thus easier to sell.

Light Equipment

Let’s face it, nobody wants to 2 ton treadmill sitting in their living room. Furthermore, many of the people who use this equipment are women, who may not necessarily be willing to hire movers every time they want to shift the treadmill from one side of the room to the other. So, making light versatile exercise machines is a great way to help people buy them and use them in a more friendly manner. And if they buy them then they are more likely to use them for their intended purpose, which is to exercise, get healthier and feel great!

There is segmentation in the market, with a portion of the people, prefer to exercise at home while others prefer to go to the gym. Both of these options are great. The most important thing is to exercise, which is a great way to live a happy and healthy lifestyle.